Members Only


Here are a few shots of a coffee table I just finished for the member’s lounge at the new Brecon Estate winery in Paso Robles, CA. Sorry about the poor quality photos (better photos of this entire project are in the works). This is one of the pieces that I made from an old 3100 gallon oak wine barrel that they brought to me. 20140408-215050.jpg

For the Misses

My wife and I finished building our new bed (finally!). It’s been a long process of weekend and evening work. IMG_3413

Funny thing is, this piece was inspired by a murder scene! We occasionally watch a sitcom called “Castle”. When this murder scene (below) came on the screen Shannon paused the show, turned to me and said, “I want that bed!” She made a screenshot of the scene, which we used for our inspiration, and we began working on it. photo

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Butterflies as the Deadline Approaches


A few butterflies and other joinery for the Brecon Estate Winery project:

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