Easter ’09


My buddy, Ken Kienow, is a professional wedding photographer. Whenever he’s at one of our holiday gatherings we end up with great photos! Some of you have asked about my family, so I figured I’d introduce you to them with our Easter ‘o9 photos. By the way–Thanks Ken! (www.kenkienow.com)


My wife, Shannon, and our two boys Jake (5), and Jonas (18 mos.). We found out two days after this photo was taken that Shannon is pregnant with our third child. It’s going to be another boy–due on December 12th, 2009.  2009Easter-3709

Shannon and Jonas


Shannon and Jake


Until next time-  Ben


One thought on “Easter ’09

  1. Dear Ben,
    I have loved looking at these pictures. You have a beautiful family and you are blessed with the wonderful gift of being a fabulous cabinet creator! Thanks for letting me get a “glimpse” into your life!!! Holding His Hand-Linette from Lexington

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