New Hanging Bed (preview)

Here’s a preview of  another hanging bed. As you can see, it’s still a work in progress. The bed will hang from the client’s ceiling with 1 1/4″ diameter rope. I’ll post some better shots of the finished project once it is installed.


01/21/11 Photos from client (ropes still need to be finished off under the platform)

Other hanging beds:



7 thoughts on “New Hanging Bed (preview)

    • The beds can be secured to the floor beneath with ropes (in the center of the bed so that it doesn’t show.) They still sway a little.

  1. Hi, what type of equipment have you used on the ceiling? I’ve seen a few hanging beds, but none of them have this hardware

  2. Ben, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful craftsmanship! It looks like five 2 x 10’s and then how do you have it secured underneath? It looks so simple & beautiful. I want to do this in my tiny condo & have a contractor friend considering how to do it.
    Thanks! Love your work!
    Diane from Taos Ski Valley

    • Hi Diane, The deck sits on top of two 4×6 planks (running perpendicular to the 2x10s–the ones that you can see rope holes drilled through). It’s been a while since I built that one, but it looks like I ran 2x4s between the 4x6s. There are many DIY plans online. Good luck!

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