Reclaimed brick driveway

Yet another brick project that I have been putting off for too long.
Up until now, we have always put the bricks directly onto firmly packed sand (see brick path tutorial here), but this area will be used for parking and will bear a lot more weight. So we poured 3.5″ of concrete as a base for this brick driveway. Here I am sweeping the the dry cement mixture into the spaces between the bricks (above).  My wife, Shannon came up with this pinwheel mosaic (below).For a tutorial on brick pathways, click here.

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7 thoughts on “Reclaimed brick driveway

    • It’s hard to say how many hours this took. Probably a week and a half if you added it all up (pouring the slab and all). I would call the brick work “moderate” skill level, but the slab underneath would take a higher skill level. I don’t recommend forming and pouring a slab unless you have experience or have someone helping that does.

  1. One one more question, that left and front border, did you mortar underneath the outside edge row? Or is it just sand?

    • We used thinset on the outside border as you mentioned. You can set the bricks just like you would tile a wall (on a bed of thinset). Let it cure, and then fill in the gaps with the sakrete.

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