A new toy

I just bought this Davis & Wells horizontal boring machine. I intend to restore it and use it for mortising. Now all I need is an XY table. I’m also looking for a Jacobs 34B chuck (3/4″ spindle,  16tpi)–it has gone out of production. Anyone have an extra?


6 thoughts on “A new toy

  1. i just scored one of these boring machines too… instead of getting a chuck , i think i will just go with threaded drill bits.. ill mostly be dowling door frames and such… i ve been looking for a chuck but no luck… I use to live in slo in 1977 and 78,, great place

    • I use Google Sketchup. It’s a great free program, and there are plenty of free tutorials to help you get started. If you google “sketchup” you should be able to find everything you need.

  2. They’re available on ebay — I just got one, pretty beefy (opens as wide as 5/8″). I’m having trouble getting it onto the threads of the mounting bolt. Does anyone have experience with this?

    • I hope the one you got is 16tpi. Finding one with the right thread count was where I was having trouble. It’s not a hopeless search–I know they are out there but just hard to find. I ended up selling my Davis and Wells and buying a Festool Domino XL–one of the best tools I own!

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