_MG_3566 aI built a mirror like this one a couple of years ago for my wife. I decided to rework the design and build another one so I dug up my old notes and sketches and hit the ground running! 20130116-085112.jpg I generally use a high percentage of reclaimed materials in my work, but my goal for this project was to use almost exclusively recycled materials. As always, there were a few things that I had to break down and buy new, but I ended up using at least 95% reclaimed materials.20130116-085219.jpgHere is a list of repurposed parts I used: sliding mirror closet door (main mirror), 12″ convex clock face (covering circle mirror), plywood from a used dance floor (sub-structure), concrete form boards (main frame), various old moldings (see photo above), 4″ x 6″ douglas fir sign posts (cut into crown molding and circle molding)

The panels between the moldings are zinc coated steel (not reclaimed). _MG_3604 aMirror dimensions: 55″ (plus crown) x 95″_MG_3263 aPhotography by Ron Bez (

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