Look Mom! No Legs!

IMG_1174These bed platforms are made to look like they are floating (no legs–right?). They will have the traditional hanging ropes at each corner of the bed to appear like they are hanging from the ceiling, but the client was unsure of the ceiling structure, so I welded steel bases for them. This was challenging because the bases had to be small enough not to be seen, but large enough to support the bed.  Here is what I came up with:IMG_1173IMG_1185

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Maiden Voyage for the Dehumidifier Kiln!

I just put the finishing touches on the new D/H kiln yesterday. I’m going to fire it up today.IMG_1422I used plans that I bought the plans online from Daren Nelson. Daren has been building these D/H kilns since 2005 and offers his plans and email technical support for $25. I’ll let you know how it works.

*UPDATE 05/17/13:  The kiln has been running for a full day now. It’s working like a dream! I’ve emptied 10 pints (20 cups) of water out of the drain bucket in 24hrs–Not bad! I would like to elaborate on the details here….temperature and such. But out of respect for Daren Nelson, who’s design I used to build the system, I will refer any questions to him. If you are looking to build a small efficient kiln for yourself, Daren’s plans are well worth the money. See the link to his site above.