Kitchen Design

IMG_1877Cup of coffee, a pile of sketches and photos, and the go-ahead on a new kitchen project. It’s a good day for some design work!

This kitchen is for newly remodeled home in Arroyo Grande, CA. The style will be rustic modern. The client is considering a dark stained french oak (reclaimed), and the possibility of a live edge walnut slab for the island top.

They like the color and texture of the cabinets in the photo below (taken from see here)ee1a390036124491f1ff5c834947b646They would like the style to be similar to this kitchen (shown below) that I collaborated with John Brigham on:

Update 05/03/14: See the finished kitchen here…



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7 thoughts on “Kitchen Design

      • How does the latex stick over an oil coat?… sounds odd.
        How do you sand to bring up the wood grain yet not remove the saw blade marks?
        Also, what are the handles made out of?… steel painted flat black?
        Sorry for all the questions. BTW, I think it looks amazing, great work!

      • Mike, The washes we use are custom mixed by my painter. He makes his living on custom finishes, so I think it would be hard to get him to share the exact recipe 🙂 But I can tell you it’s latex based, and it seems to stick just fine. Sometimes we will add another layer of oil over the wash if we want it to “lock on” even harder. Regarding sanding: you would be surprised how much sanding it would take to remove the saw blade marks (on rough sawn wood). And the handles were made from raw steel with a clear coat. You should use galvanized for your outdoor kitchen. Good luck!

  1. Thanks for the info.
    From the photos the grain looks raised/lowered but the saw marks are still there…but I’m still not clear on how you sand though?…with the grain, across the grain, or both (e.g. orbital)?
    By the way, I click the little check box that says “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” but it doesn’t work.

    • We use a random-orbital sander with 150 grit sand paper, and sand generally in the direction of the grain (but with this heavy texture it won’t make much difference). I’ll have to check on the check box that’s not working–thanks!

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