Members Lounge Coffee Table


Here is the new member’s lounge coffee table for Brecon Estate winery in Paso Robles, CA. I built a number of pieces for this winery from one of their retired 3100 gallon wine barrels (solid oak!). To see more of the project click here.20140408-215050.jpg

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Steel-Clad Coffee Tables

organic modern coffee table (live edge)

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3 thoughts on “Members Lounge Coffee Table

    • Well….let’s see. Using 8″ x 14″ blocks as legs made this a pretty easy table to support. I threw in the asymmetrical stagger of the legs to make it a little more interesting. I dadoed out the blocks where they intersected the top, and made custom steel attachment brackets that ran the width of the table top, but used slotted holes in the bracket so as to allow for movement of the top (a definite must!).

      • Thanks Ben! I like the use of steel hidden away underneath as well. I like the adder of the butterfly too! Thanks for the post and the answer. Peace…

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