San Diego Kitchen

I spent last week installing this kitchen in San Diego, CA. This client was a pleasure to work with and gave me lots of creative freedom in the design. The color palette we chose: rustic white oak, ebonized oak, walnut, dark steel hardware, and etched glass. Here are some shots from the installation. (We are still waiting for the black granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances)

I will post some better photos once the counter tops are installed.


3 thoughts on “San Diego Kitchen

  1. Such an amazing kitchen! I just read the feature on the island slab then found my way over here. I’d love to see some more detailed “in progress” features for this kitchen, the finishing is just fantastic, you’ve sold me on Oak again!

    • Thanks Jared! I’ll try to do some more step-by-step posts in future posts. As far as oak goes, I also got burned out on it for a while. What I hate is the 1990’s “golden oak” look, and also the glossy red oak cabinetry that you see so much of. To avoid that look I generally use only white oak (which has more tan, green and grey tones). Be careful about which finish you use, because most oil based sealers will “amber” the oak. I use water based polyurethane on oak which keeps the ambering to a minimum, and then I knock off the sheen with steel wool. I also use reclaimed oak which adds another dimension of cracks, blemishes, and patinas.

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