Cantilever Coffee Table

Nakashima inspired coffee table. Made from claro walnut and brass.IMG_1116IMG_1198


And delivering it to a beautiful place like this was icing on the cake.


4 thoughts on “Cantilever Coffee Table

  1. You have great skill Ben.
    I love the San Andreas table, that is very beautiful to me.
    I have been around many highly skilled craftsmen in my life and you stand out as the real thing!!
    Don seawater
    Pacific coast lumber

  2. Ben I really enjoy following your work. I build some as an amateur and I really like the way that finish brings everything out but looks like it would protect still. Would you be willing to tell me how you finished it? Either way thanks for posting your progress on the pieces. God bless. Mike

    • Hey Mike, thanks! I use a lot of Festool Surfix, but this table went to a home that was almost entirely glass so it will have a lot of UV exposure. So I added some Epifanes Matte finish, which is great for UV protection. I like the way it came out, but the jury is still out on longevity and durability. Good luck!

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