Put Your Hanging Bed Hang-ups to Rest.

Hanging beds are "dreamy", but for most people that's as far as it goes. I read about it all the time on forums and blogs. People are in love with the idea of a bed suspended by ropes, but practically speaking, very few want their bed to sway, and even fewer want a hole in the wall when the kids turn the hanging bed into a swinging bed. So the question is, "How do I get the look of the hanging bed with the stability of a conventional bed?". The simple solution is this: When you install your hanging bed (this should be done by a licensed contractor), hang it up against the wall at the head of the bed. Then, secure it to the wall framing with heavy-duty "L" brackets underneath the bed frame.  It's really that easy! Depending upon your bed and installation, there may still be a little bit of give when you sit on the foot of the bed (from the stretch of the ropes), but the sway factor will be completely eliminated.

So put your fears to rest. Go ahead and get your dreamy hanging bed!

To see some of the hanging beds I have built, click below: