Ben Riddering lives on the Central Coast of California with his wife, Shannon,
and their four boys. He has been an avid woodworker for many years.


Whether making furniture or carving sculpture, Ben strives to simplify design, minimize distracting details, and let the materials speak for themselves. His work does not fit neatly into any genre, but he finds himself most drawn toward the juxtaposition of organic lines and geometric forms.

Ben particularly enjoys free-form sculpture carving. The freedom to work without a plan provides a refreshing break from the grind of following blue prints, and has resulted in some wild and anthropomorphic forms. Each piece is completely unique.

In 1996 Ben spent 6 months in Moscow, Russia training under Kim Whitten, a woodworker who was helping rebuild an orphanage. Kim had contagious passion for woodwork, and 25 years of experience. Inspired by his experience in Russia, Ben moved to California and started working with furniture maker, John Brigham, who makes a unique line of furniture from salvaged wood. Then in 2008 Ben opened his own studio in Arroyo Grande, California where he makes commissioned pieces of all shapes and sizes.

Ben works hard to provide his clients with distinctive, well-built pieces. He would love to hear about your project.

CA Contractor's License # 986690


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